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Our draftboards are fully editable, meaning you can set keepers pre-draft. You can also copy draftboards to create templates for future mocks.

You can mock draft according to specific league types

Mock draft with who you want, when you want, and how you want.

Amazing draftboard view

Invite real users to mock with you with a simple invite link.

Mock Together

Full support for every game mode

What our players say

Honestly making the move and bringing my league to be on Philippe le Chat has to be the best decision I have made fantasy football wise!

Tom Hirsch

Philippe le Chat had everything we had been saying a fantasy app should have and more. Genuinely was blown away by how smooth it runs.

Kristian Adler

From trading rookie draft picks to multi team trades to its interactive and helpful customer service, our league has never regretted switching.

Dieter Urner

My new favourite website :-) Especially playing football is great fun here

Dennis Grunwald

Create or join custom leagues to compete with friends and other players

Unparalleled Scoring Customization

Stat packed with the latest news to keep you on top of the game.

Next Level Research

Customize or re-seed playoff matchups with us.

Unrivalled Commish Tools

Give nicknames to your favorite players all day long.

Fantasy Sports All Year Long

Offseason player movement supported and much more.

How to play fantasy football

Step 1

Most engaging fantasy app

Draft in a specified or randomized order.

Step 2

Everything you need

Return back to the beginning of the order each round.

Step 3

"Custom Playoffs Settings "

Managers draft players by bidding their Auction budget.

Step 4

"Start and Stop Anytime "

See why thousands of users play and chat with friends.

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